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Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Water Colour Pencil Set 24


Set of 24 Pencils.

Albrecht Durer Watercolour Pencils

Faber-Castell ALBRECHT DÜRER watercolour pencils are high-quality artists' colour pencils for drawing and colouring. They are extraordinarily versatile and colourful, but their special advantage lies in the ability to produce watercolour effects.

A few strokes with a wet paintbrush, and you can convert a drawing - or parts of it - into a painting, with all the advantages of both techniques.

The 120 colours can be blended to form an unlimited number of new hues, either in sharp contrast to each other or merging imperceptibly. Whether you use them as pencils for adding detail, or as a convenient form of watercolour paints, Faber-Castell ALBRECHT DÜRER artists' watercolour pencils are a fascinating medium offering unlimited possibilities.

High quality pigments in unsurpassably lightfast bright colours, the leads are 3.8mm diameter. Available here in 5 sizes: tins of  24, 36, 60 and 120 pencils.

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